How to make a hidden line draw

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How to make a hidden line draw

Postby makeArchitecture » Mon 9 Sep 2013 05:39

Bon Soir, mes amis!

How to make a hidden line drawing stick in the drawings window?

It always reverts to wireframe.

The choices are "get current" or "set current" but neither seems to work.

Please explain!

Merci beaucoup!

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Re: How to make a hidden line draw

Postby GeorgesBabeix » Tue 31 Dec 2013 17:22

In the drawing dialog box, there are two set of buttons "Get current" and "Set current". The first one concern the projection parameters: type of projection, position of the observer, direction of view and zoom parameters. The second one concern the parameter of hidden view: calculation in hedges/facets and all the others parameters available in the hidden line manager.

The parameter wireframe/hidden line (in fact wireframe/hidden line/cut) is available in the middle part of the dialog box. This part of the dialog box is called "Presentation".

In order to modify the current view, the button "Set all" need to be clicked. The two other buttons "Set current" modify the projection parameters alone or the hidden view parameters alone.
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